Cellular Data Consumption

For our project, we need a asset tracker v2 … i have a question on how many data consumption?

  1. Do you need information to be sent from the Electron to elsewhere?
  2. How often do you want to send the information?
  3. What type of information are you sending?

You might want to think through the project to have a better idea before we can give our inputs :wink:

  1. Yes, we are creating a topology of two or more asset tracker v2.
  2. We can set the time interval for sending the geolocation of asset tracker v2.
  3. GPS location is type of information hat are sending.

Hmm… Data consumption:

  1. Pings (once every 23 minutes if no other communications happen and device is awake. 122 bytes)
  2. A Particle.publish() has an overhead of 69 bytes + the number of bytes of the GPS coordinates