Calculating Data Usage

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I’m working on a project with the Particle Electron and Asset Tracker v2 that I am functionally happy with. Now I’m just working out how much data my publishes and requests for variables uses.

How much data does the GPS Location publish that is included in the Asset Tracker library use per publish? Depending on this, I’ll change the frequency of the publishes.

When including a variable that can be accessed from the cloud, is there a certain amount of data that is associated with requesting the variable value that goes along with the size of the variable you are requesting?


@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

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I don’t know the answers here, but you could use the getDataUsage() function before and after publishing the GPS location and also before and after accessing the variable to determine exactly how much data is consumed.

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CoAP is used for communication to and from the device. A little research on this protocol might give an idea on what to expect when sending certain variables and data types up and down the wire.

@ParticleD’s suggestion of getDataUsage() will be your best bet though. Data usage reported through Particle MVNOs is often delayed (for Asset Trackers, it should be a few hours, tops), but nonetheless a bit difficult to decipher in realtime. We also don’t have data session breakdowns on our console–so for byte breakdowns, you’ll want to dig into this on your own.

I’m not sure if we have common byte values documented anywhere–and depending on your use cases, they may not directly apply, either.

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