Data usage for logging DHT sensor data

I’m setting up a solar-powered weather station using an Electron on the Particle’s 2G network. If I’m logging temp and humidity readings every 20 minutes (to my own server), would bandwidth usage stay within a reasonable limit? Thanks for any feedback.

If anyone can answer this question, no matter how vaguely, I would be very grateful: using the publish() function (and later a webhook to retrieve the data) vs a 2G or 3G connection which directly logs to my server, how much less bandwidth am I consuming using Particle.publish? Is it a noticeably significant amount? Right now I am logging temp, humidity, barometric pressure and state of charge every hour to a private server. It looks like one month will be roughly ~3MB of data usage.

Sorry about this late reply. Can you give a sample size of the data you are sending, are these simple integer values?

You can monitor the data usage in real time using the exposed functions in the firmware. This will give you reasonable BW usage idea for your application.