MQTT Cloud Data Usage?


For my application I would like to add some MQTT functionality.

Unfortunately as I have learned, Particle Integration offers no native MQTT like functionality so I will need to use the MQTT library on the firmware itself to do MQTT.

However before I design this, I would like to be able to estimate data usage of a simple MQTT publish.

I understand the size of a payload and topic of an MQTT publish, but what other overhead is involved with a publish and how many bytes would that be? How does one calculate this?


Hi- Unfortunately there are too many variables to guess how much data or data operations would be used. @rickkas7 has a cloud connectivity simulator that can measure it after you get it working, but that won’t help with estimation.

Hi, I’m using MQTT with photons for months already and I can pull the data from my sensors even as fast as every 200ms and I wasn’t charged completely for any data operations but this is a wifi/Photons scenario.
Regarding to the electron and cellular data it’s going to be a differed case, and I’m not sure how to calculate the consumption but I found some interesting article (not really related to Particle ) but there’s some examples how to calculate the data:
and regarding to Particle doc. you shouldn’t be charged for nothing else just cellular data but maybe I’m wrong :thinking:

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