Boron 404x Cellular data consumption

I have 11 devices running and im running out of cellular data in 3 weeks.
The data operations are like minimum, all are Boron 404x.
As you can see the photo that has 4 devices have a lot more consumption that the ones of the product with 7 devices.
The signal strength and quality are worst in the 4 devices so I imagine that each time that it is connecting and disconnecting from the antenna is consuming data.
Some one has any suggestion?


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Hello and welcome to the forum,

What method are you using for your publish? Are you using Particle.publish() or are you using another method? Can’t say for certain without more detail, but that does seem awfully high for cellular connection/disconnection. Cheers!

Yes, I’m using Particle.publish().
I’m connecting the device to the cloud via MQTT, but I’m sending data each 15 min, so it isn’t to often and it isn’t to many data.

We do not recommend using MQTT on cellular devices. In addition to other reasons, we have no way to see what is causing the data usage on those devices. It probably has something to do with retries, but we have no way of knowing since the data is bypassing the Particle cloud.

friendly reminder that MQTT has a built in keep alive, and the default may be 15 seconds.
Maybe that adds over time as well.

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