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I am planning on using an Electron with a DHT 22 sensor to monitor temperature at a vacation home. My data readout will be via the BLYNK ap on my Iphone. I will want it to notify me if the temperature goes out a specified range.
How could I estimate how often I can send data and stay under 1 MB per month? How could I calculate this if my data payload is higher?. What are some general guidelines I could use to estimate data usage (such as overhead)? I plan to use mains power, so power usage is not a concern. Which sleep option should I use (if any)?

Hi @bash11 :slight_smile:
Here are some relevant resources:



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Here is a link to my Particle / Blynk example.

Particle / Blynk example

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Thank you very much. The information was quite helpful.
So if i just publish a temperature reading every 20 minutes, then i should be easily under 1MB.

Blynk requires you to use their own library. I don’t know what overhead is associated with a message that is sent to Blynk from the Boron. You should contact Blynk support and ask them what the message size is, and then calculate what transmission rate can be supported in order to stay under the 3 MB/mo Particle Starter plan limit. If the total message size is less than 255 bytes, then I estimate you could transmit a message as frequently as every 330 sec (5.5 minutes). Do your own tests and calculations to confirm.

there is this configuration in Blynk that can help you as well (I think) in each variable.
You can configure PUSH or poll every some seconds. I would believe that PUSH is your friend here, but I confess I haven’t read the docs so my understanding may be wrong.

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