Cap1188 not receiving power from photon

I’ve recently got the Cap1188 (Link to device) and have been testing it with a library that someone else in the community has created. I added a statement that checks if my photon can detect the Cap1188 and so far it does not. I believe it has something to do with my wiring but my wiring is modeled after how it appears on the Cap1188 website.

Here is a image of my wiring

I added an led in the circuit to see if any power was going through it as you can see in the image - there isn’t any. However, when I bypass the Cap1188 and put the ground wire in the same row as the live wire the led lights up, so i know there is power.

Why isn’t my Cap1188 getting power?

@garyjamjohnson, you need to solder the header pins to your Cap1188 board otherwise they will not make contact so no power or data! :wink:


I figured the small metal lining within the holes would contact the header pins. Does the solder conduct electricity?

@garyjamjohnson, solder is used to secure a conductive connection between two metallic surfaces. You may want to consider learning electronics as part of your hobbying. It will come in handy!