Can't use stepper library with Electron

Hi all,

I recently tried to upload a sketch with the stepper library to my 3G Electron running firmware 6.0. I get an error (that I think is about the stepper library) that says:
lib/Stepper/Stepper.h:81:5: #error "System firmware must >= v0.6.1"SHOW RAW. So I tried to compile it under my 2G electron running 0.4.8 and it compiled fine. I downloaded it under the 2G Electron so I could flash it to my 3G Electron. After I flashed it to the 3G Electron it rapidly blinked blue like normal then started breathing purple(and I can’t figure out why). I also tried to find the 0.6.2 firmware but couldn’t. The device should be publishing “Touched” but it’s not so I’m assuming that has to do with the Electron being in safe mode. Any ideas? @Ric


Is the Electron breathing magenta after flashing the firmware?