Can't login - my account is broken and I'm dead in the water

I was having this issue yesterday as well. Console seems to be cleared up now, but when my web-apps make more than a few calls to the API, they get caught hanging like the console pages. While the ‘Particle Status’ page shows degraded performance for, I believe there is issues with as well.

I’m hoping particle really knows the cause as per the most recent update. This is affecting everything for me. Not just console. I can’t see a device list in the mobile app, or build, or even flash via the cli.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the confusion on this. It looks like the issue appears to be something on the API side of things. This is why you’re all seeing issues with the API, console, and mobile applications.

We have an outstanding issue on . Feel free to track the outstanding issue for updates and resolution to the incident. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen you’ve implemented a fix. I wanted to report that this has not helped. I’m still seeing a 404 on console and failing to see devices on build.

I’m also still getting 503 errors attempting to call the API through my web-apps

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@mstanley The fix only worked briefly for me. Long enough to activate a sim and check a few devices. Workbench cloud compile fails on an empty project targeted at an electron 1.0.1 with the error
Compiling code for electron
Compile failed: Cannot read property ‘filter’ of undefined

at makeError (C:\Users\Jim\.vscode\extensions\particle.particle-vscode-core-1.4.2\node_modules\execa\index.js:174:9)
at module.exports.Promise.all.then.arr (C:\Users\Jim\.vscode\extensions\particle.particle-vscode-core-1.4.2\node_modules\execa\index.js:278:16)

Weird thing to me is most of my devices were still publishing and most if not all of the remote subscribers were getting the publications, but my local subscribers here (Node Red) can’t connect. Earlier when I tried to log in via a remote site I was unable to.

Correction to my last post. It looks like my local subscriptions to some remote but not all devices are working but local subscriptions to local devices are not working. Also CLI particle list returns “No devices found”

It appears that my current issues are local. Connecting through my normal ISP I cant see my devices and the console doesn’t work. However, if I connect through an alternate means like my cell phone or an open access point every thing is normal. I’m wondering now if something is cached my router causing trouble?

That’s exactly what I see. Do you have a static IP? Is it your IP or your ISP?

@JumpMaster We do have a static IP and our ISP is Comcast. I was getting ready to reboot the router (Ubiquiti Edge router)but when I reconnected to our local network Particle was working. I did a few cloud compiles with workbench and it worked most of the time, I did occasionally get the Bear vs Shark when accessing the console, but it seems to be mostly working at the moment.

@ParticleD and @mstanley - I’m seeing this again as well, symptoms seem to mirror what’s already been said above. Right now the status page says something about the number of tabs… not sure what thats about, but 1 tab is all I need to reproduce the problem (right now anyway).

Edit: sorry - I see now that the tab thing was ‘past incidents’ - so never mind that part :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothings changed for me. Still seeing a 404 on console from my home ip.

I’m having a similar issue as @jbesselm

I can login and I get the console but I cannot OTA update. It’s been on and off over the past few days. I’m also on Comcast w/ Eero mesh wifi.

have you tried using Firefox (in case you haven’t already)?
I had similar issues with Chrome yesterday and was forced to use Firefox, and all was good.
Today, Chrome is alright again, so, I’m happy but who knows what happened on my side (well, most probably my auth token expired after 6 months of use since I had to re-login today my Particle CLI).

I’m having the same problem,I can’t login getting 404,my app shows my particle gear and disappears,been have the same problem for a few days now. Tried different browsers same results.:disappointed_relieved:

Hi Nasoni,

Welcome to the community! Sorry you’re having some trouble.

Does this issue occur incognito on Google Chrome?

I looked into your account briefly and didn’t see any issues loading devices. I did notice that one device was missing a device type however, which appeared strange.

Hi Matthew,sorry for the delay in getting back,the unknown device is a DigiStump Oak unit.I did try chrome incognito and also firefox but I was getting a server error message when trying to access page! Just letting you know everything is working fine now,thanks so much for your help!

I am having this same problem and cant login. What was the fix?


I got an immediate response from support and the fix was to whiteliat