Can't get Particle Photon working

Hello there

After a few unsuccessful attempt to flash Tinker onto my Photon via my phone and web console my photon entered the 2 SoS flashing mode
I installed Particle CLI but it doesn’t identify my Photon, in the yellow-flashing (DFU mode ? )

I’m new to this so, don’t be too hard on me please :smile:
Thanks for taking time to look at this!

What commands have you tried, and what was the output of that? (Preferably screenshots).

What is your host OS? (should always be stated when talking about inaccesible devices)
If Windows you may need to install the DFU drivers.

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The actual output after running the command would be good to see too.

However, when executing particle doctor I’d recommend cding out of \WINDOWS\System32 into some unsrestricted directory (e.g. %temp%).

And since we now have established (without being actually told) that you are running Windows (which version?) my suspicion about missing drivers stands even more.
You may also provide a screenshot of your Device Manager with the Photon in DFU Mode to double check.

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Sorry, I was unable to respond, something with My account being temporary on hold
64-bit operating system, x64x-based processor

Here is screenshot of Device Manager

“The actual output after running the command would be good to see too.”
How should I go about doing that?

I cd-d into my temp folder , no change

Was your Photon connected and in DFU Mode when you took that DevMgr screenshot?
I can’t make out any Particle device.

You may want to use zadig to install the DFU drivers (I have best results with libusbK).

My Photon is not showing, it was connected and in DFU mode

Does Windows give you the typical “device attached” sound?
Can you try a different USB cable and port?

Changed the cable
It just appeared it devices and printers image

This doesn’t look like Device Manager :wink:

Also when in Listening Mode, the device should not be reported as Photon DFU Mode but as a COM port.

I can’t get into listening mode because i get the SoS ?
And it’s not showing in the device manager COM ports

Sorry, I just mixed up your thread with another one also having troubles with Listening Mode :blush:

But since you are now able to communicate with the device via DFU Mode, you can try this

particle flash --usb tinker
particle update 
particle flash --usb tinker

(applying Tinker twice is intended)

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Oh wow
It’s flashing green now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks a lot !!!