Can't flash Photon anymore, doesn't seem to stay online

I can’t flash my Photon from de Web IDE anymore.
The problem seems to be that it isn’t online but it is breathing cyan.
Dashboard shows Photon online but sometimes also offline.

-Did a factory reset and a successful setup with the iOS App…didn’t helped.
-Flashed latest firmware with DFU…didn’t helped.
-unclaimed with particle-cli and used Particle iOS App to set it up…process fails at last step because it can’t be claimed.
-Particle-cli add respons with Failed to claim device, server said { ok: false, errors: [ [ ‘Core isn’t online’, 404 ] ] }

Dashboard stil lists my Photon. Particle-cli does not.

Well after giving it a night rest I could claim my Photon again.
But the strangest thing, the Web IDE still can’t flash it.

Just after booting it shows online, but after less then a minute it shows offline.
Within the iOS App it never shows online.

I’m lost…

Can you try to put your Photon into Safe Mode and see if you can flash then?

Have you got any idea what application code was the last one you had flashed sucessfully? And can you show it?

Many thanks @ScruffR. That did the trick.
I overlooked this useful device mode.
A assumed that a factory reset would wipe out any application code.

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You’re welcome.

There actually is a pinned topic about this mode
AVOID factory reset - What to do with unexpected LED behavior on a Photon