Can't create new product on console


I went to create a new product on the particle console, and I get the following error message in response: “Bummer! Our billing back-end could not process your request successfully. Please try again later”

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

Hi rkast,

Thanks for reach out.

I believe I know what’s going on here.

The payment provider we use has a limit of the amount of “billable items” that can be associated to an account. Each Product on an account counts as a billable entity (even if you don’t have anything on it you’re being charged for).

Right now the limit is about 25 items, I believe. I do see quite a few products on your account, and this is why you’re running into the issue.

There is a way to workaround this. It’s a bit roundabout, but should get you unblocked.

I see you’re using a gmail account, so what you can do is sign up for another Particle account using your same gmail. You can actually have an “infinite number of Gmail” accounts with your one email if you postpend your email with +. For example, and both are valid emails, and both receive their emails at

So, create a second email using the + trick with Gmail, then add your same payment information to this second account. From here, create the product you want to make, and then make your primary account a team member. This will let you use all of your Products (from your main and secondary account) all under the same account.

Hope this helps!

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While this workaround has a pretty minimal impact to product workflow, I’d still prefer to keep all my products owned under one account. For the meantime, I have some old products that I could delete to make room for the new one, and I’ve already submitted a request to support to delete them, but wanted to reply here resolve the thread and hopefully get a quicker turnaround from support.


I absolutely can understand that, and we have been prioritizing getting more CRUD operations around Products available for our customers.

At the moment, we don’t actually have a proper system in place on the backend to really delete products. I’m uncertain if we’ll be able to service those types of requests at the moment. It may need to wait until engineering has full implementation.

Do keep an eye out in the next month or two. I anticipate more developments will be out then.