Can't claim either photon

Two photons, new about 8 months ago. The Particle AP on my Android phone gets through “connecting to cloud” on one and all the way to “verifying ownership” on the other, but both wind up blinking blue.

I’ve tried to put them into DFU mode, but when the reset button is released both Photons come on steady red and green and when the mode button is released the LED looks like it’s red, yellow, and green simultaneously.

I’m suspecting these are early units and need a firmware update, but without being able to get them into DFU mode, how?..

Could you shoot a video of this and upload that here, since the RGB-LED only has red, green and blue sub-LEDs (no yellow).

In attempting to take the video, I still see three colors (red, yellow, green) but I can convince myself that it’s majority “yellow.” I’m convinced it’s in DFU mode. Thanks.

Yes, red+green = yellow = DFU mode.

OK, got it in DFU moode. Upload 0.4.7 firmware (at least that’s what DFU-UTIL tells me). If I hit reset, it goes into the “hunting for wifi” mode (flashing green). Put it in listening mode (flashing blue). Used phone app to claim. Goes through (1) configuring for wifi and (2) connecting to wifi, but either never gets to the (3) connecting to cloud or doesn’t complete that step.

During this process, the LED never changes from blinking blue. Before I updated the firmware, the LED would change to blinking green somewhere in the process of getting through the five steps down to (5) verifying ownership. I have gotten to step 5 but never completed it.

I finally was able to update the firmware in the second Photon. This one is worse–when trying to claim it, the phone app never even gets to step one. It has an error when trying to configure the wifi credentials.

I have turned off the router firewall and all other security settings.

I haven’t seen any other magic steps to get these little beasties tamed. Is there another path to success?

Particle CLI is the most versatile tool for taming these devices :wink:
But the WiFi issue can also be taken on with a serial terminal like PuTTY.

So I use the CLI to Identify and Update, but if I want to use List I need a token. I obviously have a user name and password in the Particle world, but how does the CLI or the particular bad acting Photon know that?

When I look at the Particle CLI documentation, it appears most commands only work with a “claimed” device. Not very helpful. If I used “particle setup wifi” it reports success and “your device should now restart.” I don’t see any change in the blinking blue LED. If I hit reset the photon goes into rapidly blinking green LED.

Is there a post that shows the steps one would use in PuTTY to get the wifi connected?

Just try particle setup

But before that you might want to clear any stored WiFi credentials by holding down SETUP >10sec till you see quick blue flashing.

I had tried “particle setup” before I updated the firmware. Didn’t work.

Just tried it again (after clearing wifi credentials) and it failed “…while connecting to the cloud.” It then asked if I was connected to the internet.

The answer is yes, I had to be, since I signed in using particle cli (not a browser). Something is stopping the cloud connection, even though I have an otherwise good internet connection.

Could it be that you are running a 5GHz WiFi? If so try to deactivate 5GHz and only run 2.4GHz, since the Particles only support this band.
Although you already said you took care of it, but just double check that you or your provider have no MAC filters, firewall, port restrictions, … getting in your way.
You could also try your phone as access point to get around possible provider limitations.

Having a good internet connection otherwise, does not necessarily mean that your devices will have one too.

Took both Photons to our new house under construction, but it has two routers running two 2.4G and two 5.0G links. One Photon worked immediately on the “guest” channel, w/o encryption. So I’m doing something right, but now need to figure out what is “wrong” with the router I first used.

Second Photon seems broken. During setup (at the new house) it goes into blinking green, but about every 10 seconds there is a quick burst on the LED, so fast I can’t count, but maybe 3-4 blinks which look like they might be yellow (I can see a glimmer of red at the edge). So it appears to never connect to wifi.

This quick burst is supposed to be orange and indicates a problem with the internal cloud key.
Since the color used to be red, you could search for “quick red burst” to find a solution.