Cannot connect Argon WI-FI

Due to Electrical fluctuation in the power supply, the Argon was in listening mode. Using the Particle app I have claimed again the Argon using the QR Code, I have chosen the Wifi and I let the Argon connect on the Wifi. The Argon display a fast cyan color exactly just before being connected with a solid cyan led. The Argon was not able to connect to the Wifi, LED was still in a fast blink cyan. I also use EEPROM to store data, if any problem occurs when the argon restart while writing the EEPROM?

Hi @Nikhil.P

You mentioned that the color is solid Cyan. From here: Status LED and Device Modes - Argon | Tutorials | Particle

When the device is in the process of connecting to the cloud, it will rapidly blink cyan. You often see this mode when you first connect your device to a network, after it has just blinked green.

For now, it sounds like a WIFI connectivity issue. Could you kindly check this guide?

Lastly, would you mind retrieving the Cloud Debug logs? Cloud debug will give me a lot of insight into the state the device thinks it is in - be it an issue with the network, a system or application firmware issue, a problem with the network coprocessor on the device, etc…, so your efforts in this this respect will allow me to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

There are 2 ways to retrieve Cloud Debug logs:

  1. If you are using Chrome, Edge or Opera, you can try this convenient browser based retrieval ( You can flash Device OS (including bootloader and soft device) and the cloud debug firmware right from your browser with no additional software required. Once generated, you can view the Cloud Debug logs right on the web page, with the options to copy to clipboard or download it as a file.

  2. Alternatively, you can download and install Cloud Debug (link) onto the device? Output the logs with particle serial monitor --follow in the Terminal of your choice (Mac - Terminal, Windows - cmd.exe, etc…) after installing the Particle CLI.

The Cloud Debug link provides installation instructions, but I’m happy to walk you through the process step-by-step if you like! Please note the de-installation instructions contained within this link.

Please send me about ~10 minutes or so of logs produced by the device while it’s having trouble connecting with the Cloud.

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