Can I reuse a firmware version number

Dear community,
Today I uploaded a new firmware version. That went just fine. But when I had to upload a new version I noticed the following:

  1. I first downgraded the device to a lower version
  2. I removed that new firmware from the cloud
  3. I re-compiled the new firmware with the same version number
  4. I upgraded the device

It seems however that the Particle Cloud does not allow to reuse the same number. Is that assumption correct?
Thanks from edge

Yes, even if you remove a build with the highest number, you need to pick the next version number for the next release. It will leave a hole in the version numbering but it won’t break anything.

Thanks a lot for the answer Rickkas7, we were unaware of this, but will make sure we take this account for future releases.

Cheers, Edge