Can I connect a Lipo battery via the pins of the Electron?

Hello, This is my first post.

I know that the the Electron has a lipo connector, but I’m interested in creating my own pcb with header hole to install the Electron. I want to connect the lipo to that board. My real concern is. If I do that do I still have the ability to charge the lipo via the pins?

Thank you for any help.

The Lipo still needs to be wired to the electron for usage. Why don’t you have the Lipo remained attached to the electron and charged via the Vin pin?

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know if I was clear :confused:, but what I want to do is connect the Lipo to a pcb via wire pads( just 2 pcb holes ) to keep the overall profile of the unit small. Like this.

Sounds ok. There’s a LI+ pad on the top left of the electron that you can wire the positive of the Lipo battery to. :wink:

So something like this. Do I connect GND to any GND pin?

Sounds right :slight_smile:

ok thank you very much hope this helps anyone else that has this doubt in the future.

also I do have one more question that maybe you know the answer to. In a end product can I use the electron USB for charging or do you recommend installing a separate USB.

P.S. I don’t what the end user playing with the Electron.

There are two ways to charge the Electron:

  • via the the Vin pin
  • via USB

You can choose either one depending on your eventual end product requirement.

As for the end user playing with the electron… It might be more practical not to have out any access tokens that will allow them to tinker with the electron.