Electron with 2A USB power supply

Do I need to add capacitors to my design if I’m powering an Electron with a 2A USB power supply and I don’t have a LiPo battery? Was told by support that @jvanier recommended it. If so do I attach the capacitors to the LiPo pins?

Thanks for your time!

Normally you’d place the caps over the power supply to help smooth it out and offer a small 'back-up". Let’s wait for some more knowledgeable input though :wink:

From my experience it’s not needed if your connecting to a 2A supply but adding some caps will never hurt if done correctly.

Thanks, so if I do add a power capacitor, it would be on the Vin pin? Do you think a 0.1 F size is too big?

Missed the part in the Electron datasheet that says the Vin pin is an output when the USB is connected. Guess I’ll try the Li+ pin.