Particle electron not enough lipo charge

I’m designing a circuit using an electron. I’m powering the device via VIN pin with 5v (using LM7805). Everything is working fine but the lipo battery (3.5Ah) is not charging enough to recover it’s charge. Through the time, the battery is draining and even the red led (the lipo charging led indicator) turns on, but the battery does not recover its charge, the battery is contiuning draining. What I have to consider or what Im doing wrong ?

I added the next code to the firmware to allow (as far as I undestand) the lipo charging when the voltage drops to 4840 and allow the charge up to 1A.


Any advice?


Where are you running this PMIC code? Just in setup?

Have you measured the charging current to see if this improves your charging rates?

The Electron will always go back to the default charging current so you have to call the PMIC settings every time the Electron is started or woken from deep sleep.

First of all, thanks for the response.

I’m providing 1A of current to the VIN pin (5v/1A), but yes, I’m running the code just in setup. My circuit consumes 200mAh tops, which makes me think that providing 1A to VIN pin should be enough. Am I wrong with my deduction?

If I’m running that code only in the setup function, that means that the configuration is not persisted ? If I want to run with the electron defaults, just removing that lines will get back to the defaults ?

BTW, that code belong to many suggestions you had done to many topics.

Again thanks a lot.

Every time the Electron resets it reverts to the default charging current.

Can you test the actual charging current with a power supply or something to see if it’s even pulling more than a few hundred milliamps?

Ill do according to your advice. I’m using a LM7805 just to ensure that I provide a 5v rail for the other components that works at 5v, but I can provide 12.5v directly to VIN? according the datasheet I can provide up to 12v, but can I provide 12.5v and (lets say) 900mAh to be within the 10W suggested by the datasheet ? I’m worried now about the LM7805, and I’m not sure whether the regulator is droping the current or not.

Thanks again.

The max VIN voltage for the BQ24195 PMIC is 17v.

Supplying it 12.5v is no problem, the PMIC will usually not charge at the full 1 amp anyways from my testing at least.

Thanks a lot.

@RWB I already done some tests and I realized that the VIN pin is only drawing 200 mA tops. Also, I noticed that using a 12v/4A with a 27ohm (2W) resistor (according ohm law r=12.5/.500) and the capacitor is getting hot. Any advice regarding my schematic (resistor values and voltage source)?

Thanks a lot.