Can I configure Particle-DEV (Atom) to solve Timeouts with a Slow Wifi Router

I’m using a Photon at my place of work to teach a class. Our plant is firewalled and very secure. They place “guest” routers at various places that anybody can use but they run something on them for security reasons that makes the routers slow. Particle-DEV frequently times out with various error profiles, and occasionally it works to my profound delight. I will be asking students to use similar laptop on same network for their class work. I’ve tried installing CLI o these laptops and it bricks them due to security software installed.

Errors presented:

  • Waits forever “loading devices” to Particle - Select device…
  • No response whatsoever to Particle - Compile in the cloud
  • Briefly shows “compiling in the cloud” then goes blank in response to Particle - Compile in the cloud
  • Orange TIMEOUT:ERR… and various versions of real error messages

Are there tweaks to the Atom config I can make to work with the slow router?

Hi Dave! You can’t currently set a timeout in Particle Dev but it would be a great feature to have. I created an issue for this so we keep it the back of our minds!

A decent solution is to use Gustavo’s CLI setup:

This is the first time I’ve been able to flash using the CLI operating behind a firewall. The toolchains I’ve tried before would “brick” the work laptop I’m using. Gustavo’s setup installs Particle CLI and new Microsoft VS. With those two installs and a tiny bit of configuration in VS everything runs smoothly without tripping my company’s IT security devices. I’ve now done this on three PCs, two at home and one at work.

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