Calling functions using Postman

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The examples here use cURL a lot but give very few clues on what we are trying to achieve or for using Postman or any other API tool. I am not afraid of command lines. I have been using them for 40 years, but sometimes it is nice to get a feel of what is happening and a good idea on how to incorporate API calls into other projects.

I found this little guide to be a great help for using cURL commands in Postman:

My tips for using Postman:

The URL is[deviceID]/[functionName]
Leave the headers alone.
The access token and arg are x-www-form-unencoded
Key Value
arg [argValue]
access_token. [accessToken]

That is all. I am about to start incorporating some function calls into my Azure WebJobs.



This is nice information! Thanks for sharing…

I also found this guide helpful. It actually includes a file that you can import into postman for all sorts of Particle.IO cloud API calls for personal devices and products. Gives some tips and tricks too. Since it’s all imported into postman no need to bounce back and forth between a webpage describing it and postman.


Thanks. I wish I'd have had that a week ago.


@rlkeith - yeah but some of the best learning or at-least retention of information is by trying/investigating/brute force to get it to work! I’m sure you understand it way better now than if you had this reference info a week ago.


OK. That stuff is always character forming. I implemented an Auth0/OKTA solution across our whole platform last year. That was three weeks of dealing with worse documentation than here at Particle. I have been working with REST APIs for 10 years so I have some experience.

I posted a request for help here a week ago and got exactly one crumb of a clue that was not relevant to what I needed. Having had that crumb administered, no-one else would provide help. The handling of access tokens is not conventional and I could have really used an explanation of that.

This is no reflection on you. I am grateful for your pointing out the extra information.


Hey, perhaps you missed the link to the API docs (the same one Jeff posted above that you wished you had a week ago)?

In retrospect, I'll be more explicit on the links so they cannot be missed that easy.


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