Using the Particle Cloud API from Postman

There is now documentation for using Postman with the Particle Cloud API!

There are now Postman/Swagger/OpenAPI definition files for the Particle Cloud API that make it really easy to work with the cloud API using the graphical REST API command builder in Postman.


This is fantastic! I use postman to always test out and build the API call and test it before coding it. This will make it even easier. Thank you for providing this!

You mentioned Swagger… Will the tutorial/documentation area for the API be updated to documentation format where you can test/make the API calls right from the documentation page or what does it take to get the equivalent of this. Is this possible given the postman documentation now and I just need to set it up myself? I’ve used Swagger.IO for a few other related projects at work and it’s fantastic:

I haven’t looked into using it in Swagger yet. The files should be the same, but not having tested it yet, it could require some minor tweaks. It’s on the list to test and make sure it works.

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