Using POSTMAN, how?

I was able to see the event stream on a terminal using the curl command provided via particle console window. But how do I use the POSTMAN tool to do the same thing?


Can I use the same access token provided by the Particle console, or do I need to create a new access token for the POSTMAN app?

You can use the same.

Using the same access token as the curl command provided by particle console, I get the following response from POSTMAN:
“error”: “invalid_token”,
“error_description”: “The access token provided is invalid.”

ok…It seems that the token gets regenerated (that’s a area I need to understand).
So, updating my POSTMAN with the updated token from the curl command, it seems the request went through, but now the POSTMAN says “Loading…”, like it’s just waiting for something,

Not sure if I need the arg=please, but did see it in some documentation. Wish the documentation was better…or if someone could point me to some good docs that would be helpful.


I am able to get responses from the device using POSTMAN.
For instance, I sent GET
and I get back a json response with device information.

I think my problem is specifically with the /events.