Building using Particle Dev, out of memory

I’m building a program using particle dev and a P1 and I am getting an error:
build didn’t produce binary Error Command Failed: in file in…

I’m guessing that I’ve ran out of memory to program with. Cause if I comment our a few lines, the program will then compile.

Any thoughts how I can verify this?

The bin file size is 127kB.

If you try particle compile you’ll get a more verbose output about your build including an estimated percentage of used flash (this was at least true when I last used CLI for building ;-))

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@ScruffR, thanks for the moment I’ve been using Particle Dev and not Cli.Any tricks for Dev?

No, not really, I’ve stopped using Dev ages ago.
But using CLI parallel to Dev is no problem (as long you got CLI installed).
Just open a shell/cmd in your Dev project folder and run

particle compile p .

that’s all.

@ScruffR, thanks using cli now.

The output is below. Does this mean the file is130.5kB? What’s the limit for P1 if you know?

Huh? They must have removed the estimated percentage of flash used by your app.

But 128KB (131072Byte) sounds about right as the limit for your app.
And your app would require (130500 + 1764 = 132264B) just over 129KB.