Code size using Particle Dev

When using Particle Dev, is there a way to know how much of the 1MB flash I am using for the Photon ?


The photon flash is already shipped with system firmware that takes care of wifi, cloud connection and services to applications. When you compile an application in Build/Dev/Cli, it will typically output the size of the compiled application. The maximum size for an application is 128 kbytes.

Hmm… Can’t find it with ParticleDev. If it compiles it just says “Success!”.
The WebIDE shows the little triangle “i” icon which expands into the full statistics of memory used.

I know this is an old thread but the question is still pertinent (unless I missed it in the search). Anyone have a clue on this?

Oops… never mind… found a related post with an answer that will work for me.