Build 500 Status currently occurring - Down?

Hey everyone: is anyone else seeing a 500 status complaint from the build page, when hitting the verify button?

Looks like it might be down.

I’m not seeing any issues with the compiler on my machine – what version of firmware are you compiling against?

Have you refreshing or logging out/logging in already? If we’re able to confirm the issue, we’ll let you know.

Thanks Will. I can compile against my cores, but not my electron. It’s my electron that gives me the 500 status.



And, sorry, yes - I’ve logged in and out again, cleared the cache etc.

Do you still see the issue?
For Electrons you need to check what firmware version you are targeting.
Don’t use 0.4.9, it doesn’t exist.
Anyway you should update your devices to 0.6.0

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Ok, so I’ve checked out the firmware on the Electron: it’s not 0.6.0. I’ll get it update, I’m sure this’ll fix it. Thanks for your help!