[Bricked?]little Blue (D7) Led dimly on, bottom STM chip getting warm

Hello Fellas,
I have a spark that has a corner led blue (dim blue), while the bottom STM32F chip starts getting warm. Not sure what happened, I was working with it and it was fine until one reset that just caused it to stop working. Any thoughts?

Have you tried the miracle Factory Reset yet? :slight_smile:

Hold down the MODE button, tap on the RESET button and wait for ten seconds to do a Factory Reset, where the Core is reprogrammed with the software that was installed on the Core in the factory (the Tinker application). The LED should turn white for three seconds and begin flashing quickly; when the LED switches to another color the Core has been reset. This is useful if you encounter bugs with your firmware, or if you just want to get back to Tinker.

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The color LED does not even turn on. I am not sure what went bad. But the chip on the back does warm up when I connect. Is my spark broken?

Could you post a video of you trying a factory reset?

For reference, the color LED might not turn on for the first few seconds of the reset process, there’s a video of Joe doing it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGBSYyTo5xA



What were you hooking up to the core?

I don’t think the STM32 should be warm but it might be due to heat transfer.

I had hooked it up to a circuit that currently reads a barcode scanner over serial. The barcode scanner works at 5v and I have a Logic Level converter that brings it down to 3.3v . I have hooked up another spark to it and it works. But the first one that I hooked up seems like is bricked.

You did try the Factory Reset procedure, right? What happens when you do that? FYI: You don’t need the LED to light to try the Factory Reset, just do the procedure as posted above and let us know if it works :slight_smile: