Breathing Magenta => Electron F/W 0.6.1 vs 0.6.2?

Trying to compile code using CLI … i.e. “particle compile electron” …

  1. From CLI, I can compile the code successfully and then flash it to an Electron
  2. After reset, I get a “Breathing Magenta”
  3. If I flash the .bin file that I compiled on Monday, (identical code that I am working with today), all is happy
  4. F/W on Electron is 0.6.1
  5. From CLI, tried to update Electron using “particle update” … tries to update but when I check F/W rev, it is 0.6.1

==> with the release today of 0.6.2, could it be that the CLI is compiling for 0.6.2 but Electron F/W is 0.6.1?
==> Reason that I am asking: I have been using the “ceil” function in the code for the past few months and when I compile the code today, the compilation fails and I need to add … include “math.h” … (which should have always been there) … which hints to me the compiler used by the CLI interface has changed

Any course of action to follow to get everything working again?

Yes, once a new official release is announced CLI will be compiling for that unless instructed to build for an explicit target

particle compile electron <projec> --target 0.6.1