Breathing green? [Solved]

If I plug in my photon it goes in a cycle:

  1. flashing green
  2. flashing cyan
  3. breathing cyan
  4. breathing green
  5. Goto #2

I pressed reset, it still does the same thing. I cannot connect it to tinker (cannot add a device, connect to it’s wifi, etc.)

I press and hold setup so that I get blinking blue. I add the device and do the whole procedure but the particle App tells me at the end that despite successfully claiming the device, the wifi setup failed. Then trying again it tells me the device was not successfully claimed to my account.

Update 2:
I swiped left on the device in Tinker and tried to unclaimed it twice (first time I got a 403: Forbidden error) and then tried the whole thing again. Success

My question is why this happened at all? I had already set up my device before.

Breathing green means something in your code is blocking the cloud connection. Unclaiming it shouldn’t have made a difference though.

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Breathing green means your device is still connected to the WiFi but not to the cloud.
But this seems to be “deliberate” since if there was an accidental cloud disconnect, you would rather see blinking green or cyan since the connection would try to recover.

Have you tried Safe Mode?

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Hi ScruffR. Thanks for the assistance. I copied and pasted some code I found on this forum for a project I am working on. Perhaps there was some code to turn off the cloud.

Safe mode worked for me. Thanks again


While putting down some more sample code (TCPClient sample code from the documentation) my Photon suddenly went to breathing green again.

You could post the code - maybe we can spot the reason

The code here:

That code doesn’t seem actively do anything that should cause the green breathing, but it also doesn’t fit your previous post

But when you are running the desk level sketch, have you got the ping sensor attached?

Hi. So I put down the range sensor code first, then I had the breathing green issues.

Then I reset the code, put down new sample code (TCPClient code), and the same thing happened.

When I was running the desk level sketch, the ping sensor was not attached.

However when I put in some sample TCPClient code, the ping sensor was attached. My program is a range sensor that then loads a webpage when something is detected, so that is why I put in some sample TCPClient code.

In any case, I haven’t had the problem since. But thank you to everyone. Believe it or not I have learned a great amount these past few days from the docs and from people on this forum helping me get past roadblocks


Good we are glad to hear that!

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