Boxed GEN3 carrier board

Would anyone be keen on a carrier for Gen3 that fitted an enclosure like this?

and specifically the 4M53 version.

Carrier board specs

GEN3 socket
9-40VDC power input
8 I/O 5V level (5V I/O power controlled by GEN3)
Buffered 5V I2C (5V I/O power controlled by GEN3)
RS232 (RTS/CTS support)
RS485 (either Serial above or RS485 in use at any time)
Temp sensor onboard

8 I/O in Vertical positive lock 3 pin sockets
I/O in “Grove” format (sig-5V-0V)

I2C in Vertical positive lock 4 pin socket

Power in 2 pin vertical positive lock socket

Thoughts / Comments ?

Here we go - first pass. Mostly SMD components on one side only - everything except the RGB LED’s and some TVS diodes are 0603 or bigger for ease of manufacture. The IO connectors are snap lock type so cables will not come out in the field. The RF connectors are a special type that have a pigtail with a u.FL connector that connects to the GEN3 boards to ensure long term stability in handling.

This board will snap into the above enclosure and it also has a mezzanine board above it that holds a 2500mAh LiPo to create a compact general purpose device.

@shanevanj, I may be missing something but how are you connecting those RF connectors to the Gen3 device?

They have a flying lead (so the PTH pins are all GND) - the lead has a u.FL connector that will clip to GEN3. Its just a way to make handling the ext antenna easier and to preserve the u.FL connection over time.

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Great! I was too focused on the board “look”, forgetting that small details like that don’t appear :roll_eyes: