Boron Unstable Behavior

I have seen this happens a few times: the Boron shows online in the console, the Last Heard timestamp keeps updating but none of the, call functions/get variables, refresh vitals and even ping doesn’t work. Has anyone else seen this?

I just got a similar behavior on a tracker one but now it is fixed on my side.
When I saw your post, I quickly tested an Argon but everything worked fine in it. That’s when I came back to the tracker and it worked fine also.
Is it ok now on your end too?

It has been happening on and off the last 2 hour at least. In our code we keep track of the uptime and that is showing an uptime of over 2 days so we know 100% the device has not rebooted. Cell signal shows 52%. I wish there was more debug in the console.

Everything on the Cloud side looks ok.

For what its worth, the online indicator in the Console is only accurate within a 46-minute level of resolution (two missed keepalives, 23 minutes are apart, are required for a device to be marked offline).

My first impression would be that the device is losing connectivity intermittently.

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Thanks for checking @marekparticle.

What is considered a sub optimal cellular signal strength/signal quality?