Boron Seria/Serial1l/SPI/I2C failing with compiler errors

Before this gets moved to hardware, I am getting compiler errors that I think is showing the issue and there are issues on new out of the box hardware.

macOS 10.15.6
VSCode 1.48
Device OS 1.4.4/ 1.5.2/1.5.4/ 2.0.0
Libraries: GxEPD, Wire, Adafruit_MCP23017, Adafruit_LIS3DH

Over time my project has been experiencing errors that looked hardware. The first was using an eink display. As I was adding parts of my project in the display stopped sending SPI data reliably and the display started displaying what looked like static. Then it gave out completely and stopped displaying at all. When the eink was tested on an Arduino it functioned as expected. After a few days on a another project I came back to it only to find that the project wouldn’t compile with a problem “__fetch_global_Serial1” is undefined. I started a new project individually reading/writing from the MCP23017 which had been working great. Then it stopped working reliably, then it cut out completely about an hour ago. I checked with the i2c scanner sketch (which I had used before) only to find that I was unable to receive serial. Particle.publish works as expected, individual IO work as expected with read and write, individual function operate as expected with the exception of communications. I uploaded a simple app that opened up serial (9600) and printed “test” to a brand new Boron (1.4.4) and it failed to read back. I am on usb c using a dongle, but this exact dongle worked before. I have used every dongle I have, including a usb c to micro usb cable with no change. I opened up Arduino IDE and tried to read serial there, but it was not reading it either. I tried another project that used an ESP32 and it worked as expected with serial. Particle usb list and Particle usb identify work as expected. Uploading from the web ide and VSCode give the same result. Please Halp

Update! Serial communications works on a RaspberryPi, but not on my Mac.

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