Boron restarting every 3 seconds

I have a remote system with 1 Boron and 2 Xenons. The system had been working very reliably for 2 weeks with a single Xenon. Once I added the second Xenon, I started having connectivity problems.

It got worse, as the Boron has (suddenly) been restarting every 3 seconds. That system is 1 hour away so I had not be able to determine the reason yet.

I am wondering if the community has encountered similar issues?

P.S. Cannot wait for the new firmware!

@Jimmie, is this an LTE or 2G/3G Boron. How are you powering the Boron? What was the last battery condition before getting into the reboot cycle?

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@peekay123, it is an LTE. It is a powered by a lead acid battery (large) which is charged by a 100W solar panel.

The same solar system has been powering the system for the last 5 months (the Gatway was an Electron which was replaced by the Boron).

I was at the remote site on Monday and the system was providing the usual 13.7 V to the DC-DC transformer. I am driving to the site tomorrow to find out what may have happened

@Jimmie, resetting every 3 secs sounds very much like a power issue. Are you seeing this in the Console cause it seems like too short an interval to reconnect to LTE after a reset.

@peekay123. I am seeing this in the browser.

You are right, I was wondering how can this be happening if the micro is going off the network…?

Of course it could be the power transformer as it is sunny today here.

@Jimmie, can you post a pic of your console log?


Sorry, found out the problem. It is restarting because of not hearing back from the Xenons for a long time.

I wish I can understand the strange behavior of the Xenons (when there are more than one unit). One of the two Xenons was on the Mesh, but not on the cloud (I know because it has been sending stuff to the Boron). The second is silent. When the first first one went silent too, I got the behavior I am reporting here as my code instructs the Boron to send this message.

Sorry and thank you for your time.

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@Jimmie, the impending rc26 DeviceOS release will fix a lot of stability issues present in rc25. For my info, how far are the Xenons from the Boron/each other?


Gateway - 3 feet (1st Xenon) - 12 feet (2nd Xenon).