Boron reaching my data limit due to development firmware updates

I am reaching my cloud data limit for my Boron device during development. I’m not great at coding so I make a lot of small changes and upload them to my Boron to try out. Even though I am using Visual Studio Code to upload the firmware locally, apparently each time I make a change the Boron has to reconnect to the network. This takes 4400 bytes or more according to the documentation.

Is there any way to reduce this? Can I somehow keep the boron connected while I update the firmware so it only takes 135 bytes to reconnect?

If possible, try doing development on the wifi devices, and then switch to the cellular ones once you’re comfortable the code if working. All, but the network specific things, should generally work the same.

Thanks, I’ll try that. A few months of running over my data limit should justify the cost of a Wifi Argon.

Edit: I also figured out how to do the SYSTEM(MANUAL); command to prevent cloud connection. The code will still run, I just need to comment out any publishing and subscription functions.