Boron connects with Cloud Debug firmware, but not custom

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Does anyone have any idea what could cause the following:

Two identical units - one works fine, the other doesn’t.

The one that is not working well takes forever to connect (green flashing) - sometimes not being successful for hours.
Both devices are running the same firmware and device-OS (currently 3.0.0, but also tried others without success)

However, when I download the cloud debug firmware everything works perfectly - the device connects within a minute (light blue glow) every single time - so obviously, the antenna, radio, and registration must be fine, right? The serial monitor, as far as I can tell, reports connectivity as expected.

But, when I download the custom firmware, the behavior described above is constantly present, and is identical regardless of various SYSTEM_MODE (with appropriate code for each) - but is only present on one of the two devices I have on hand. I am using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).

I hope someone here might have some insight, and I would highly value any pointers or suggestions!

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If you can monitor USB serial debug, I’d add:

SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_TRACE);

to your code. That’s essentially what cloud debug turns on to get the debugging info from Device OS, and maybe there will be a clue in that output.

Didn’t know about that, good tip. Thank you!

The problem is related to excessive RAM use. I am using about 75kB, and that borks out the Boron repeatably. I had expected this to be a non-issue for a 256kB part, and I was getting no warnings.

Thanks again.

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