High data usage on Boron

I very quickly hit the data limit on my boron and I am surprised. Instead of using the particle cloud I sent data directly to Adafruit. Does this cause a higher data usage? I had a very low number of data operations but maxed out the MB limit.

@theaddies ,

It may help if you open a console window and watch the device over a few hours. There can be other issues at play such as failed updates or poor connections that might be a factor.

Thanks, Chip


It can. When using a publish to our cloud that’s a data op + data usage that we know.
Adafruit uses MQTT - the actual messages might just be larger.

What were you trying to do with your Boron when it hit the data limit? Can you DM me the device id?

Hi, how did you do that?
I remember some time ago troubleshooting an “innocent line sending TCP data to Ubidots” where this line was sending data over and over at a high rate, which of course blew the data usage in few days (but it would not have used any of the data operations today).

Maybe you can post parts of your code so we can see how fast or often are you sending data to Adafruit?

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I was posting 2 data points every 10 seconds, which I agree is a lot. However, my allotment of posts was at about 10% whilst the data transfer was at 85%. I changed from sending the data to Adafruit directly to the Particle cloud and the difference is massive. The data and # of posts seem to be increasing at about the same rate. I am now using a webhook in particle to send the data to Adafruit. It seems to be a much better solution.


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