Boron LTE Stuck Blinking Green


I was working with my Boron LTE last night and it fell into only blinking green. I read through dozens of articles to get where I am now and there is nowhere else to go, so I could use some help please. I have used this Boron over the past couple of months without issues. I have powered it over USB and over the VBUS pins. I never needed to use a battery with any Boron LTE products I have worked with.

Here is what I did. Step By Step.

I tried device doctor, as that has worked every other time before. Following that the device only would boot back into listening mode. I tried to manually flash tinker in the CLI and it would say it was successful, but it would always go back to listening mode.

I had a lot of difficulty finding a way out of listening mode and I found a post that said to flash using hybrid-0.9.0-boron.bin, so I did. Following that I got the SOS+10 error.

I then found this post (Boron Flashing Red SOS - Blink 10 - Cannot Recover) that explained that this is a known issue and I needed to manually upgrade to 1.2.1, so I did. Back in listening mode again. I tried everything else and then found this article (Unable to set up Boron LTE) which is the first one that explained how to compile firmware that I found. In the article it said to use ‘particle compile boron exit_listening_mode.ino --saveTo boron_exit_listening_mode.bin --target 0.8.0-rc.25’, but my fw is now 1.2.1. I tried that command anyways and it wouldn’t compile. I figured that maybe the --target tag was optional and I removed it and then it compiled and I was able to flash the suggested 'exit_listening_mode" firmware. Now I am blinking green again. Ran device doctor and reflashed tinker and issue persists.

I have noticed that in Device Doctor it seems to think my device is not claimed by my account. I had it identify it’s ID and matches the one on my profile. Is this why it is flashing green? How do I fix this?

I need help please. I really need help.


Hey mate, Check out this post Boron LTE Stuck Flashing Green :frowning: