Boron for sale?

Some folks here may recall my app that used a pair of Electrons to control a pump in a water well. Since cellular signal strength at the site was very lowt, the on-line status of the devices was intermittent and, thus, the system was unreliable. In the hope that LTE would be more reliable than 3G, plus the pending demise of 3G, I recently replaced the Electrons with Borons. They were, indeed, more stable but still no constantly on-line. One of them would go off-line one 2 or 3 times a day but only for short periods; that was acceptable. The other would be rock-solid for a week or so and then go off line for 5 days straight. I swapped the Borons but the instability remained a function of the site, not the Boron.

So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a decent WiFi extender and have been successful in getting strong WiFi signal strength at the problem site from a building several hundred feet away, so I’ve replaced the Boron there with a Photon and all is now rock-solid.

So now I have an extra Boron that I have no further use for. Might anyone here want to buy it for maybe $60 (paid $79 with shipping and tax)? Let me know if so.

I am interested; see pm.

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