Boron continue blinking blue

My Boron continue blinking blue no possibility to reset (like it’s in listening mode). I’m try to reconnect with my iPhone but after the enroll I receive the error ’ Request failed: not found (404)'
Any Idea to resolve and reconnect the device?


Yesterday I’m do a Factory reset but it continue to blink blu

Now I’m try to put in dfu mode blink yellow and flash again the bin file this is the error I receive:

particle flash hybrid-0.8.0-rc.27-boron.bin
attempting to flash firmware to your device hybrid-0.8.0-rc.27-boron.bin
Flash device failed: I didn’t recognize that device name or ID, try opening

so like suggest I go to the browser and copy the link this is, the answer:


With the command particle list I receive :
Crichetto10 [xxx] (Boron) is online but If I’m do a ping from console disconnect

Any people can help me to resolve this?
Thanks Valentino