Boron BRN404x won't connect through android app or USB Device setup tool

Can you DM me the ICCIDs?
Are all of these powered at the moment?
I’m seeing two in your product, one connected today, one in your logs on the 25th, and one I’m still looking at. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

I sent you a PM with the ICCID’s of the devices I’m working with.

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Can’t get my new 404x connected at all. Have 402/404s here working fine and able to connect… this just flashes green continuously, the particle debug logs on the device setup page just show a similar loop as what others posted above:

0000445036 [] TRACE: > AT+CEREG?
0000445040 [] TRACE: < +CEREG: 2,0
0000445040 [] TRACE: < OK
0000445041 [] TRACE: > AT+UCGED?
0000445048 [] TRACE: < +UCGED: 2
0000445049 [] TRACE: < OK
0000458749 [] TRACE: < +CEREG: 3
0000460049 [] TRACE: > AT+CEREG?
0000460053 [] TRACE: < +CEREG: 2,3
0000460053 [] TRACE: < OK
0000460054 [] TRACE: > AT+UCGED?
0000460061 [] TRACE: < +UCGED: 2
0000460062 [] TRACE: < OK
0000475062 [] TRACE: > AT+CEREG?
0000475067 [] TRACE: < +CEREG: 2,3
0000475067 [] TRACE: < OK
0000475068 [] TRACE: > AT+UCGED?
0000475074 [] TRACE: < +UCGED: 2

Does this mean the SIM is not getting activated?

That log typically indicates the SIM is not activated. If you want to activate a developer SIM you can do it from Use the Activate a Particle SIM option, not the Boron option.

If the device is going into a product you can add the device ID to the product instead, which will do that as well as activate the SIM.

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Hi folks - I’m going to lock this thread with the specific purpose of highlighting Rick’s post above - is the current way to activate 404X device’s SIMs. We’re working to figure out why the app is not playing along. If you have issues with the above (website) activation method, please create a ticket at