Boron breathing white want to start setup over again

I was programming my boron and did have the line SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) in the code. however I tried to do a full reset and clicked forget on the Android app. So now I need to just start over with the setup of the boron but I cannot get the breathing white light to switch to blinking blue. I tried holding down mode and clicking reset. The device goes from blinking magenta, to blinking yellow, to blinking white, which is where I take my finger off mode. After this nothing seems to have happened.Please help.

You can release the button while it’s showing magenta - this would be Safe Mode, which will try to reconnect to the cloud but not run your code.
From there you can flash your device OTA.

From there (or from breathing white) you can also press and hold MODE (but don’t tap RESET!) again, to put the device into Listening Mode (blinking blue).