Mesh connection

Hope everything going well.
Actually I am trying to connect my Boron to the app but it always give wifi off mode (white color), also I am not getting blue color when I press setup.
Thank you for your time.

The Boron hasn't got WiFi but cellular connection.

What do you get when press and hold the MODE button?

Have you tried Safe Mode?

It stays on white light

Did you use this procedure?

Have you tried with the module out of the ethernet wing?

while working with ethernet module the LED is alway white and not blinking, when I remove it from ethernet module the listening mode is working fine.

Did you setup the device in the APP to enable the ethernet port?

Yes, also I have small orange LED blinking at the top of the boron.

Check the data sheet - its probably the charge status led.


What code is loaded on the device?

I only tried the blinking code

Is it solid white or “breathing” white?

Is there an (internet) ethernet cable plugged into the wing?

It’s solid white and yes it’s connected to internet.

What version deviceOS is installed?

Are you on WEBIDE or Workbench?