White LED connection issue with recently purchased Borons

We have a fleet of Boron LTE devices.

Devices purchased this year (2020) have been having an issue that previous devices purchased last year (same OS and firmware) have not been having.

When the device starts its connection (is powered on) the LED blinks green as expected.
After a while, the LED breathes white and then returns to blinking green.
This process repeats up to seven times before it connects to the cloud. This also occurs if the device disconnects from the cloud and tries to reconnect. Some devices are not connecting to the cloud.

Our understanding is the white LED indicates the modem is off.

Our firmware is set to semi-automatic mode.

As said earlier, previous batches of devices use the same OS and firmware with no problems and have been retested. We have tested older and newer beta OS versions and the problem only occurs on the latest purchased devices.

We’ve ensured that the OS, bootloader and softdevice loader are correct.

Were there any hardware, modem firmware or any other changes made to a recent batch of Borons that could explain this?

Kind regards