Boron 2G/3G not connecting to network in Canada

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My new Boron 2F/3G fail to “Connecting to the internet via cellular” when I select “CONNECT TO DEVICE CLOUD” using the app on iOS. Led is blinking green (fast). Antenna is plugged on the connector next to the chip. I am in Canada so 2G/3G should work and I have an electron that is working good.

It do the timeout and I did many retry with no sucess.

I tried to update it using “particle update” but my PC cannot “detect any devices in DFU mode…”. I think updating with the command could help because it worked with my electron

Please advise




Assuming you are using Windows, right?
Then you may need to “install” the DFU drivers. While the Boron will use the same drivers as the Electron uses, Windows needs to be told that it should use these drivers for this unknown new device type.

Do you see the device in Device Manager?



i have the same issue in canada, Montreal, the Boron 2G/3G is blinking green, and does not connect to the cellular network.

SIM is activated since i received a mail confirming it.

Device does not show in device manager,

any idea ? canada specific ?


@franck, I’m in Ottawa and not having issues, in my basement! Is the Boron antenna firmly seated? Have you updated the Boron to the latest rc27 firmware?


Thanks for the reply, I didn’t have a notification of the reply. I will try when I will go back home.




I am pretty sure it’s a firmware problem also. I wasn’t able to use the ''particle update" command, It didn’t find any device. I will have a look to that. maybe reinstall the whole particle CLI.

thanks for confirming it’s working in Canada.

I let you know my findings.




i update firmware manually, using “particle flash CLI” with version 0.8.0 rc 25.

was working after that.

had to factory reset the boron, but after this was working fine.

question, when i was connecting with my iphone via bluetooth, the device was updated, but no idea which version, is there a way to get the version from the BLE update ?

thanks for your help…


Boron 2G/3G working now in Montreal, Canada.