BME680: getting more air quality info than just gas resistance

Hi there,

I just received a BME680 environmental sensor and hooked it up to an Argon through I2C. I have found a nice library (Adafruit_BME680), flashed the Argon through the Particle Web IDE and get some reading for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas resistance.

Now I’m interesting in the IndoorAirQuality (IAQ) values which apparently can be calculated through Bosch Sensortec Environmental Cluster (BSEC) for example. I can find some people how did this through a local build but not for the web IDE. I’m curious if one of you could help me with getting more information out of this sensor? Is a local build still the only option to include the BSEC library? (I’m currently only experienced with the web IDE)
And does someone maybe know another way to get more information like IAQ or maybe some other air / gas quality value / index?


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