Bluetooth connection (immediately) unexpectedly dropped during setup

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I have been away from working with the mesh products for over a month, but I don’t recall having this problem before. Xenon setup: Using mobile app, after successfully pairing with the Xenon, and as the update screen started, the iphone app immediately reported, Error, the bluetooth connection was dropped unexpectedly…

I have tried this with two different xenons, same thing. I see no reason why the iphone bluetooth would produce this. Isn’t the update trying to go through the iphone?


What version of the iOS app are you running? (It’s on the login screen.)


using v2.8.1


2.8.2 is in the App Store – can you try that version?


I tried it this afternoon with 2.8.2. Same symptom. Pairs successfully then as soon as the update begins, I get the same error.I can see the xenon go from blinking blue to purple (red and blue together) then it flashes red, and eventually goes back to flashing blue (listening mode).


I’m assuming these Xenons are brand-new, and are still running the factory firmware. I’m not sure why you’re having that difficulty…

Here’s what I would try first:

  1. Network reset the Xenon
  2. Force-quit the Particle app
  3. Turn Bluetooth off, then on again on your phone (I have no idea if this has any effect, but it can’t hurt)
  4. Try to set up again

If that doesn’t work, I suggest downloading the CLI tool, and then go grab the Device OS files, bootloader, and Tinker .bin files listed below from here and then do this:

  1. Connect the Xenon via USB.
  2. put it into DFU mode
  3. Atr a command prompt, cd to the directory containing the .bin files and enter particle flash --usb system-part1-0.8.0-rc.27-xenon.bin
  4. particle flash --usb tinker-0.8.0-rc.27-xenon.bin
  5. put it into Listening mode
  6. particle flash --serial bootloader-0.8.0-rc.27-xenon.bin

I hope one of those two things helps!