BLE Beacon Gateway

Hello fellow particle fans! I’m reaching out to gauge interest in a new idea we had after using particle with the redbear duo. We created an application for healthcare that aggregates data from bluetooth beacons. When we were done we realized we had built a generic beacon aggregator on top of particle.

So now we’re wondering if this is something others are doing, and if making it available would help speed people along. Here is our test website that explains the idea:

Any and all feedback welcome!


Link seems broken …

Works for me

…and so it does … odd - thanks

Looks very cool - do you have sample app code fro particle - and which devices do you support - I would be keen to test this out

Shanevanj, not yet but we’re hacking on it now. We plan to support the latest mesh hardware with BLE support. We have been using redbear duos, but we will switch as soon an BLE central support is added to the new hardware.

Do you have a use case in mind? Feel free to sign-up for the BETA, or I’ll just keep you in mind for an early alpha.