BLE Android Specific Problem

I am running a boron 404x to control a stepper motor. I have an app on my phone that
connects to the boron and sends a button press command to move the motor via bluetooth. It all works fine on my iphone. I see the bluetooth device id and connect. I am also using a few bluetooth scanners for confirmations. When I run the same custom app, or any of the scanners like lightblue, on my android phone, I do not see the device id for my boron show up. It does not show in settings pairing, or in any scanner app, or my own app. I am waiting on another android phone to see if it still occurs on that, but there is nothing in my code that seems to be an issue, and when I try other microcontrollers (a feather, esp32, nrf52840) with bluetooth, they all show up on my android phone. It seems to be only the boron (I have 4 and they all fail to show up in BT.) Is it possible it is phone-specific? I have covered most of the obvious things like checking the code, the payload, the power levels, UUID's, different cables, batteries, etc. Until I get another android to test with, can anyone suggest a possible solution? Thanks a bunch.

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