Best practise on handling email notifications

Hello Community.

My situation is as follow.
I have around 1000 customer that i want to connect to the web, ( i dont really have programming skill )
The reason i want them to be connected is that i want my product to send event ( email or sms or have an app with notification ) to my customer when something is going on.

My photon code is rather simple, i send 3 events to, example below.

  1. soon danger please aware
  2. system has shuted down
  3. a reset was down

I have been looking around for different routes but i wanted to know what the experience is by people that actually have this already running.

I am considering to using the orginization part of but as im aware of we dont have any notification there?

i tried IFTTT but its rather troublesome to use with 1000 different users.

Can anyone share their best practise to get this going?