Particle cloud email alert

Hello Community.

I have not yet started a trial for the cloud since im not that far yet in my product so i dont want to waste the 30 days i have.

What i am wondering, if it exist or if we can request this as a feature that when i get a certain event on my particle cloud i want an email sent to the registered or choosen email?

What do you all think?


What events are you thinking of?
What do you mean with “my particle cloud”? Are you running a local cloud server?

Have you had a look at webhooks and a third party email service?

Hello Scruffr and thank you.

I dont use a local cloud, im using the dashboard.

Example: My photon sends a event to my dashboard “alarm” then i want an email sent to my registred account on or a email i choose.

I know about 3rd party alternative but that means more accounts to keep track on,
and i rather try to gather as much as possible on and pay for the service there.

Eventhou im new to this and my thinking might not be up to date.
If there are good solutions im willing to listen, i dont just know about them yet.

i have been looking on ifttt and so on but all this services demands accounts ofc and sometimes its just better to keep everything under one roof.

Lets say i have 1000 customer, my device warn them when the water is to hot/cold or dirty.
I want when gets an event about this a email should be sent to the customer and also myself so i can call them and warn them. i would also like an SMS to be sent tbh but thats at a later stage.

I dont know how i should do this in the best way so if anyone knows a good way of doing this i would appreciate some hints on where to check.

Should i use webhocks to a thirdparty or should i make an mail server.

for a note to, this could be a feature in your service, i dont mind to pay a little extra for something like this, it means less work for people like me that have limited programming skills.

Maybe i should create a thread and ask how other people manage this kind of situations.


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