Beginner - sending multiple strings from server to Photon


I’m completely new to Particle, and mid-level at Arduino.
I’m making a work logger that registers the amount of time I’ve spent working on different projects. The firmware is complete as for the project selector, the timer, and sending the data to a server, but I would love to be able to edit the names of the different projects on a server and send those names to the Photon instead of having to edit the project names in the code and re-uploading it. Does that make sense at all? And if so, any suggestions?

Depending on your kind of server you could use one of the following

  • Particle.function()
  • Particle.subscribe() in conjunction with Webhooks
  • TCPServer/TCPClient

this list is not exclusive.

But reading up on these topics might give you some ideas

Thank you very much. I ended up not using it after all, hence the belated response, but thank you none the less.